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capitalization fail ? #49

kranius opened this Issue · 2 comments

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simple expansion such as :


will give :


Case isn't kept.

Any tips on this ?


The problem is here:

I understand that all html elements are lowercase, but I don't understand how anyone would accidentally type them uppercase.

If we want to support xml as a dialect, then shouldn't we just allow the user to set the case of the element characters however they want?

A slight advantage would be to allow more and more xml dialects where html for example would compare your tag to a dictionary of supported elements, and perhaps help syntastic warn you, and similar for Ant or Maven files or Apache config files.

In any case, random xml can have a tag named whatever, so I'd like that to be supported first.


There is a good possibility that you will be the only one using this plugin who wants this feature.

We accept pull requests.

@faceleg faceleg closed this
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