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The data.table package is an invaluable tool for data analysis and manipulation.

Related work /impact

data.table is one of the most widely used R packages.

Details of your coding project

Find one or more students to fix/close some of the hundreds of outstanding issues.

Maybe would be good to start with the issues labeled as beginner-task.


If a student can look at what exists already, define their own tests and really want to be mentored then Matt Dowle will consider being a mentor (TDH copied this from RGSOC2018). There is a ton of material in the slides, videos and over 6,000 stack overflow questions and answers. If they can find the material for themselves and work out what they feel is most important – that is the test. My measure of a good student is if they can work it out for themselves and define their own project.

If any student shows the initiative to look at the project, search the project and discussions about it, and pick something off to work on that interests them, I’ll consider mentoring them. That’s the test.

It would be easier for me if a student approached and said something like :

  • “I want to do some serious C at low level”. I could then propose something there.
  • “I want to write documentation/vignette/whitepaper”. Then I could suggest writing about data.table code that hasn’t been written about before.
  • “I want to close 100 issues, one per day”. Then maybe I could pick the ones where that might be possible.
  • or anything else like that
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