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RuneScape Unix/Linux Client (rsu-client)

This is the git repository for the RSU-Client, a RuneScape Client Launcher written for the now Legacy client and now OldSchool, all development happens here before updates are pushed to the client and other repositories. This repository does not include the jawt.dll file neccessary for running the game through Wine, however you can run the game natively without that file. If you require Wine support you should instead install the stable client from one of the following repositories:

Linux Repositories

Installers (Powered by BitRock)

NOTE: The installers require an active internet connection to download the latest client files.

DROPBOX NOTE: Dropbox links are no longer available as dropbox removed my ability to make the installers public.

Universal Archive/Zipped versions (If you dont want an installer)

RuneScape is a registred trademark of Jagex Ltd.

Install instructions

Installation on Debian

  1. Open the Terminal program and type in the following commands:
echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/hikariknight/unix-runescape-client/ubuntu zesty main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 9BA73CFA
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unix-runescape-client

Installation on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

  • Open the Terminal program and type in the following command:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hikariknight/unix-runescape-client
  • Then once that is done type in the following commands:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unix-runescape-client

Installation on ArchLinux

  • Open the Terminal program and type in the following command:
yaourt -S unix-runescape-client

Installation on Fedora

  • Install dependent packages
sudo dnf install perl "perl(List::MoreUtils)" "perl(Config::IniFiles)" "perl(Archive::Extract)" "perl-Wx"
  • Download and extract the universal archive.

Installation on openSUSE

  • Install dependent packages
sudo zypper in perl perl-List-MoreUtils perl-Config-IniFiles perl-Archive-Extract perl-Wx
  • Download and extract the universal archive.

Installation on Gentoo Linux

  • Follow JohnPeel's guide here on how to install the RSU-Client on Gentoo


  • Install Layman, if it is not already installed, with:
sudo emerge -av layman
sudo layman -a sabayon
  • Emerge the RSU Client:
sudo emerge -av games-rpg/unix-runescape-client

Installation on Sabayon

Provided the sabayonlinux.org repository is enabled, merely run:

sudo equo i games-rpg/unix-runescape-client

Other Linux systems

Please use the bitrock installer or universal archive. The RSU-Client is not officially supported on other Linux systems due to the lack of package maintainers for those systems. Also the RSU-Client may not work correctly on other Linux systems due to missing packages

About the Project

Development of the RSU-Client started in late October 2011. Back then it was designed as a Linux port of the Official RuneScape Client for Windows.

It quickly gained support for the windows client runescape.prm file and its own settings.conf file which would let users enable and disable built-in fixes to make the game work just as good on Linux as it does on Windows.

In December 2011 the RSU-Client became a Unix client, working on almost any Unix platform with Perl and Java installed, and in January 2012 The RSU-Client was able to run on Windows too!

Later the RSU-Client got its own graphical settings editor for the settings.conf and runescape.prm with a jagexcache cleaner included.

And finally the client got support for modules, which lets anyone add their own functionality to the client (although not inside the client window due to license restrictions!)

alt text


  • Optimized runescape.prm file (using 512mb for java heap space and 2mb stacksize by default instead of 256mb heap)
  • MultiCore loading of map chunks
  • Launcher that contains the RuneScape NewsFeed
  • Able to launch both the main game and oldschool, without the need to mess with files!
  • Built-in fixes (Uses Java6 instead of Java7 on Mac OSX if Java6 exists, and fixes opengl with java7 on Linux)
  • Settings editor (Easily edit the runescape.prm or settings.conf to tweak the client to optimal performance) - requires WxPerl
  • Working Language Settings! (Previously the language settings would not work on Linux on the client)
  • Ability to change which Java to run the Client with
  • Crossplatform! Works natively in Windows, MacOSX and Linux (may also run on Solaris, ChromeOS and BSD but with no testing or support from me)
  • Integrates with both Mac and Linux (the install-desktop-icons script makes a launcher for the client in the systems native format)
  • Built in updater! (Lets you easily update jagexappletviewer.jar easily whenever jagex updates their client!)
  • Script updater! (If you use the tar.gz archive version, it will let you update the scripts through the updater)
  • Module support (Lets you make your own modules to add functionality to the script part of the client Ex: calculators)
  • Tested and works on several architectures 64bit/amd64/x86_64 and 32bit/x86 (may work on armel, lpia, arm32, arm64, sparc32, sparc64 but without support from me due to lack of access to said architecture and may lack working libraries for the client or scripts)


If you want to contribute to the project you can do that in several ways. Either do a pull request and contribute through that (make sure you only commit to the development branch!)

If you contribute code you can also get your name or nickname in the contributors list below (if you want)

Developers, Contributors and people that have helped the project