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Casks Apps

The goal here is to automate installing apps I use. This makes it fast and easy to setup a new workstation with the tools I need by removing the "To install, drag this icon..." process.

The apps have been broken up by category. To install, simply run:

ruby install.rb [category]

The category is simply one of the file names in the category folder. Omitting this option will install all the categories onto the machine.

If you don't have brew installed then the script will automaticlly fetch the latest version and install it. It will also install cask to save you some time.


appdir: The default location cask uses for Application shortcuts is ~/Applications. I change this setting in my install command to point to /Applications.

Default: /Applications



category: Name of the application category group to install (or uninstall). The category name should reference a file in the ./category/ directory, excluding the file extension. If no category group is specified then all will be installed.




  -c browser

uninstall: This changes the default install option to uninstall. With this flag on you can uninstall a category group or uninstall everything. This option requires no additional arguments.






This was created by Richard Sumilang and is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license. You are encouraged to fork this repository and make adjustments according to your preferences.

Creative Commons License