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  1. rtc Public

    Build WebRTC conferencing applications with easy using This package provides a super-friendly entry point for working with WebRTC, dive into underling modules for more configuration …

    JavaScript 257 61

  2. An opinionated approach to creating WebRTC apps (both media and datachannels supported)

    JavaScript 182 43

  3. Helpful Tools and Utilities for working with WebRTC

    JavaScript 106 12

  4. rtc-mesh Public

    A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

    JavaScript 67 2

  5. Browser-based screensharing for WebRTC. Communicates with browser extensions (see rtc-screenshare-extension for an example) to coordinate screensharing permissions. A higher level API is available …

    JavaScript 60 11

  6. Node server side in memory signaller for components

    JavaScript 57 36


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