Sparx Enterspise Architect Extension to generate IDL 4 (RTI Connext DDS) files from the model
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IDL 4 Sparx Enterprise Architect Extension

Sparx Enterprise Architect Extension to generate IDL 4 (RTI Connext DDS) files from the Enterprise Architect UML model.

The IDL4 extension creates a menu entry in Sparx Enterprise Architect that can be used to generate IDL from the current UML Model or parts of that model.

To install the IDL4 extension you must have Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect already installed in your system. The IDL4 extension has been tested with Sparx Enterprise Architect version 10 and version 12.

The IDL generated uses the syntax of the latest version of the OMG IDL specification: IDL 4.0. Note that the syntax of annotations is not fully compliant with IDL 4.0. Rather it uses the OMG DDS-XTYPES syntax that provides backwards compatibility with earlier versions of IDL compilers.

Please use the RTI Community forums to discuss the plugin and provide feedback.

Installing the IDL 4 Sparx Enterprise Architect Extension

To install the IDL4 extension. You may download an installer with the latest release from here:

Then, double click on its icon and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

The installation includes the documentation directory doc with the file Mapping_UML_to_IDL.pdf, this contains a description of the UML to IDL mapping rules. There is also an example UML model ExampleDataClasses.eap in the example directory that illustrates the functionality of the extension.

Contributing to the Repository

To contribute enhancements or additional functionality to the repository, submit pull requests using GitHub's usual mechanisms.

IDL4 Sparx Enterprise Architect Extension source code is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.