Reflection-based type modeling for DDS-XTypes. Map native C++ types to DDS-XTypes type representation directly.
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RTI RefleX

Reflection-based Type Modeling for DDS Topics.

RefleX is a short for Reflection for DDS-XTypes. The main objective of this library is to create DDS-XTypes compliant type representations directly from native C++ types. RefleX is declarative i.e., it is not a reflection API. There is no separate code generation step involved (other than compilation). The RefleX library will take your application-level datatypes in C++ and will happily map them to equivalent DDS topic types.

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Windows Build

  1. Use Visual Studio 2013
  2. Set REFLEXHOME, BOOSTHOME (1.46+), and NDDSHOME (5.1.0+)
  3. Set PATH=%PATH%;%REFLEXHOME%\objs\i86Win32VS2013;%NDDSHOME%\lib\i86Win32VS2012
  4. Run %NDDSHOME%\scripts\rtiddsgen -language C++ -namespace -d test idl\complex.idl
  5. Open win32\reflex-vs2013.sln

Linux Build

  1. Recommended compilers: g++ 4.8, clang 3.3 or better
  2. export REFLEXHOME, BOOSTHOME (1.46+) and NDDSHOME (5.0.0+)
  3. export ARCH=i86Linux2.6gcc4.8.2, for example.
  4. See make/Makefile* for details
  6. Build: make -f make/Makefile.i86Linux-gcc CXX=g++48 (g++48 must be in your $PATH)
  7. Build tests: make -f make/Makefile.i86Linux-gcc test
  8. Build perf_test: make -f make/Makefile.i86Linux-gcc perf_test
  9. Build property_test: make -f make/Makefile.i86Linux-gcc prop_test CXX=g++5 CXXSTD=c++14 RANDOM=$RANDOM