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Upload bearings from KerberosSDR Server to RDF Mapper
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This script uploads bearings generated by the KerberosSDR to a RDFMapper bearing server. By default it uploads to the public server at You can use the RDF Mapper software created by Jonathan Musther at to view the bearings from various servers on a map.

------INSTALL AND USE------

First to make sure Python and pip installed on system.

  1. Run this command first pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install the pre-requisites.

  2. Open nano .env and add the IP address of the KerberosSDR server. a) Add a UNIQUE station ID b) Set your LAT/LON c) Set the bearing of your KerberosSDR, with 0 being NORTH, 90 being EAST, 180 being SOUTH, and 270 being WEST. So for example if antenna 1 on your circular array points SOUTH, set KSDR_BEARING = 180. d) POLLING_INTERVAL sets how often you want to poll the KerberosSDR bearing server and upload to the RDFMapper server. LINE_LENGTH determines how long the bearing line will be on the RDFMapper display.

  3. Run the main script python3

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