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rTorrent Handbook

Documentation Status

This is the handbook for the rTorrent bittorrent client, written by and for the community.

See also the homepage of the community project and the community wiki.

©️ The content in this repository is licensed CC-BY-SA-4.0. By contributing, you grant this project and its members the right to publish your contribution under the terms of that license.


These people added sizable contributions:

How to contribute to the handbook

Not having a reference manual for rTorrent leaves us with a big gaping hole. The best way to fill that hole is to pour what we know into it. Every contribution counts, and instead of lamenting the situation, go fix it by taking small steps in the right direction.

See this link to find sections with unfinished work where you can contribute.

CONTRIBUTING tells you more about how to add your changes to the project.

How to build the handbook locally

First, create a working directory for the project:

git clone ""
cd rtorrent-docs
./ && source .env

Then to start the build watchdog, call invoke docs. Stop the watchdog using invoke stop. The documentation is available at http://localhost:8340/.