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Internet Archive Launcher for MS-DOS games

Screenshot of IA Launcher

Play all of the Internet Archive's MS-DOS games offline!

IA Launcher is a graphical games launcher for all those georgeous MS-DOS games from yestermillenium. It uses the Internet Archive to download games on-the-fly and DOSBox to play them.

IA Launcher currently runs on GNU/Linux operating systems but should easily be portable to other platforms.


  • Batteries included! Thousands of games playable out-of-the-box
  • Graphical user interface showing the title screens of all games
  • Easily add new games to the list (if you do, send me a pull request!)
  • Automatically downloads game data from
  • Saves state such as savegames and settings for each game


First of all, get yourself a snazzy retro looking PC. Then, install the following dependencies:

  • DOSBox (on Debian-based systems: apt install dosbox)
  • WebKit2 (apt install gir1.2-webkit2-4.0)
  • Python3 (apt install python3)

Then install the ialauncher Python package:

pip3 install git+

You can now launch the interface using the ialauncher command. To see the available options, type ialauncher --help

Special Keys

  • Arrow keys: navigate through the games list
  • Enter: launch the selected game
  • Alt-Enter: open DOSBox without starting the game (usefull for debugging, see "Troubleshooting" below)
  • A-Z: Jump to the first game that starts with the letter A-Z
  • Plus key: increase grid size
  • Minus key: decrease grid size
  • Esc key: exit

During gameplay, you should also be familiar with the DOSBox Special Keys


Help, my game doesn't run correctly / has no sound!

Welcome to the world of MS-DOS where you are constantly fighting with IRQ values, memory managers and setup programs. Thankfully, the default DOSBox configuration runs nearly all DOS games perfectly out of the box. Also, all the games in the games directory have custom DOSBox configurations (where needed) and startup commands in their metadata.ini files. However, you will certainly end up in situations where you have to reconfigure a game. Try the following:

  • Press Alt-Enter to start DOSBox with the game directory mounted as the C: drive.
  • Use the dir command to see which files are present
  • Use the cd command to change to the game subdirectory, if needed
  • Look for a file named install.{bat,exe,com}, setsound.{bat,exe,com} or setup.{bat,exe,com} and execute it

Hopefully, the setup utility will allow you to change the sound card parameters. DOSBox emulates all kinds of sounds cards, so try the following and it will probably work:

Sound card: Soundblaster or AdLib
Address/port: 220
IRQ: 7
DMA: 1

Help, my game doesn't run at all!

Each game's metadata, including the command that starts the game, is stored in a file called metadata.ini. In many cases IA Launcher provides the needed commands to install and setup the game when run for the first time. However, in other cases the commands listed in metadata.ini simply assume the installation was already done with default settings. In these cases, try the following:

  • Press Alt-Enter to start DOSBox with the game directory mounted as the C: drive.
  • Type mount a . to mount the game's directory as the floppy drive (many games assume they are being installed from a floppy disk)
  • Type a: to switch to the mounted floppy drive
  • Type install and follow the installation procedure, accepting all the default values

After the installation has finished, try launching the game again and hopefully the default startup command will now work. If not, keep reading...

Help! The default startup command is incorrect!

Here is how you can easily change the command(s) that launch a game:

  • Press Alt-Enter to start DOSBox with the game directory mounted as the C: drive.
  • (optionally:) Type echo cd [directoryname] > dosbox.bat to put the cd command in the file named dosbox.bat
  • Type echo [command that launches the game] >> dosbox.bat to append the command that launches the game to the file dosbox.bat
  • Execute dosbox.bat and verify that your game now launches correctly

When you exit the emulator, IA Launcher will save the contents of dosbox.bat to the emulator_start variable inside the game's metadata.ini. The next time you launch the game, the dosbox.bat file will be run automatically.

More advanced logic can be created with batch file syntax. As an example, here is the contents of emulator_start for the game SimCity 2000:

if exist sc2000 goto run
mount a .
cd sc2000

You can also mount CD images and get CD audio while playing:

imgmount d Quake.cue -t iso
if exist quake goto run
cd quake

Did you get a previously not-working game running by changing the emulator_start variable? Or did you add a new game and captured a nice title screen? Please send me a pull request!


Play all of the Internet Archive’s MS-DOS games offline!




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