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Spongy Castle - a repackage of Bouncy Castle for Android (which ships a crippled version of BC)
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Gradle: Set project version

This is usually a version number quite similar to the BouncyCastle version.
latest commit 6cd500255d
@rtyley authored
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ant simplified to try and avoid html issues
core Become spongy with
docs update
jce/src/main/java/javax/crypto Become spongy with
mail Become spongy with
misc/src/main/java/org/spongycastle/jcajce/examples Become spongy with
pg Become spongy with
pkix Become spongy with
prov Disable test that attempts to deserialise org.bouncycastle class
scripts update
.gitattributes Set text=auto and add explicit entries for some text file types
.gitignore Git-ignore files generated during Gradle build
.travis.yml Add travis-ci, hopefully without spamming the BC folks
CONTRIBUTORS.html fixed class cast issue in CertPathValidatorUtilities.
LICENSE.html Update LICENSE for 2015 fixed class cast issue in CertPathValidatorUtilities.
build.gradle Gradle: Set project version
build1-1 compatibility updates
build1-2 compatibility updates
build1-3 compatibility updates
build1-4 updates
build15+ update
buildj2me update
index.html fixed class cast issue in CertPathValidatorUtilities.
settings.gradle Gradle: Remove mail the easiest way...
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