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In order to share your article's message with the world, a good practise is to self-publish your article somewhere to avoid that people have to go through a paywall to read it.

The output of ScholarMarkdown is a static webpage, which can easily be published on any Web server.

If you don't have a Web server at your disposal, you could use GitHub pages to publish it on a GitHub domain. When combined with the Travis continuous integration tool, you could set up a system that will automatically re-publish your article every time you commit a change to GitHub. A detailed guide on how to do this can be found here: Create your GITHUB_TOKEN here: (requires at least repo access)

note: Make sure that you deploy the output folder to GitHub pages by adding the following line to your deploy block: local-dir: output.

Example of an article that is automatically published using Travis and GitHub Pages: (source)

Reference contents of .travis.yml:

language: ruby
  - 2.4.0
bundler_args: --without development
  - bundle exec nanoc compile
  - bundle exec nanoc check internal_links mixed_content stale
  - bundler
  provider: pages
  local-dir: output
  skip-cleanup: true
  github-token: $GITHUB_TOKEN  # Set in the settings page of your repository, as a secure variable
  keep-history: true
    branch: master
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