A framework for writing markdown-based scholarly articles.
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ScholarMarkdown is Ruby gem for writing scholarly articles in Markdown/HTML. These articles can be viewed in your browser with rich HTML annotations, and they can be printed to PDF into traditional scientific templates via your browser.

It provides an executable (generate-scholarmd) for initializing a nanoc project to generate HTML and PDF versions of articles.

ScholarMarkdown consists of a collection of modules that can be configured in your Rules file. More information on these modules can be found in the wiki.

Quick Start

1. Use RubyGems to install this bundle:

$ gem install scholarmarkdown

2. Generate your article

This will create a directory my-awesome-article containing the basic files for a ScholarMarkdown project.

$ generate-scholarmarkdown my-awesome-article
$ cd my-awesome-article
$ bundle install

3. Compile your article

This will start a live webserver that will continuously compile your article files upon any change.

$ bundle exec guard

4. View your article

Visit http://localhost:3000/ in your browser to read your article.

Preview in print-mode to see it in its traditional scientific format.


This software is released under the MIT license.