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Ansible installer for Rubrik Mosaic
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Rubrik Mosaic Ansible Deployment

Rubrik Mosaic Ansible role for deploying Mosaic.

Features the following:

  • Configuration of new, customer provided, Mosaic nodes
  • Installation of the Mosaic software.

📘 Documentation

Here are some resources to get you started! If you find any challenges from this project are not properly documented or are unclear, please raise an issue and let us know! This is a fun, safe environment - don't worry if you're a GitHub newbie! ❤️


  • Ansible 2.7.9

  • Local user with sudo access for Playbook execution

  • Python 2.7+ or 3.6+

  • sshpass (yum install sshpass or apt-get install sshpass)

  • Access to the OS package repository to install required packages.

  • Requires the following variables data to be defined for any nodes using the this module:

   # Mosaic Node settings

    mosaic_user: mosaic_user
    mosaic_user_pass: Rubrik123!
    mosaic_user_uid: "2018"
    mosaic_user_home: "/home/{{ mosaic_user }}"      # must be on a non-root volume
    mosaic_installer_directory: "{{ mosaic_user_home }}"
    mosaic_install_file: datos-3.0.1-p3-190329.tar.gz
    mosaic_nfs: False
    mosaic_nfs_mount: /mnt/datos_target
    mosaic_nfs_export: /exports/datos_data
    mosaic_nfs_target: fs1.dom.local
    mongodb: False
    cassdb_minimum_space: 268435456000          #Value in bytes
    mongodb_minimum_space: 1099511627776        #Value in bytes

    #Mosaic Data Source settings

    mosaic_app_user: mosaic_app_user
    mosaic_app_user_pass: Rubrik123!
    mosaic_app_user_home: /home/{{ mosaic_app_user }}

💪 How You Can Help

We glady welcome contributions from the community. From updating the documentation to adding more functions for this module, all ideas are welcome. Thank you in advance for all of your issues, pull requests, and comments! ⭐️

📌 License

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We'd love to hear from you! Email us: 💌

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