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JRubyArt a ruby implementation of processing
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A new version for jdk11 use, does not require an installed vanilla processing, however if installed you can use processing-ide to download libraries. Configuration file is incompatible with that of previous version of JRubyArt (and you should move or rename old config.yml to keep it). This version will run with a default configuration file but you won't be able to use processing libraries, until you match configuration to your setup.


A clean start for jruby_art with custom processing core included, built for jruby- see wiki for building gem from this repo.


A suitable version of ruby (MRI ruby 2.3+ or jruby- to download gem.

open-jdk11.03+ currently FX2D is not included. Currently you can ignore illegal reflective access warnings, see here how to suppress them. There may be a linker issue with P2D or P3D sketches with stock openjdk with some linux distros, in which case you might find Adopt open jdk binaries will work for you.


You can if you wish leave configuration to the new autoconfig tool (delete or rename existing config to do this). The config file is config.yml in the ~/.jruby_art folder, the autoconfig gets run on k9 --install expected to just work.

config.yml on linux

processing_ide: true
library_path: "/home/tux/sketchbook"
JRUBY: true
template: bare
  # Global java_args can be used to suppress reflective access warn

Suppressing Reflective Access warnings

Since JRuby- it is possible to suppress reflective access warnings by including a ~/.jruby.java_opts file with following contents:-

--add-opens java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED
--add-opens java.desktop/java.awt=ALL-UNNAMED
--add-opens java.desktop/sun.awt=ALL-UNNAMED
--add-opens java.desktop/sun.java2d.opengl=ALL-UNNAMED

Mainly needed for opengl sketches.

Install Steps (assumes you have requirements above)

 gem install jruby_art
 k9 --install # installs jruby-complete- and downloads and installs samples to ~/k9_samples
 cd ~/k9_samples/contributed
 k9 --run jwishy.rb # if you have jruby- installed or config `JRUBY: false`
 # to use jruby-complete set `JRUBY: false` in config

Create sketches from built in templates

k9 --create fred 200 200                # basic sketch fred.rb
k9 --create fred 200 200 p2d            # basic P2D sketch fred.rb

To create either a class wrapped sketch or emacs sketch set template: class or template: emacs in config.yml

Simple Sketch

def setup
  sketch_title 'My Sketch'

def draw
  background 0
  fill 200
  ellipse width / 2, height / 2, 300, 200

def settings
  size 400, 300

Run Sketch

See above be prepared to KILL the odd java process (ie when sketch does not exit cleanly)

Watch sketches

k9 --watch sketch.rb # NB: doesn't work with FX2D render mode

Open pry console on sketch

k9 --live sketch.rb # pry is bound to # needs `jruby -S gem install pry`

Example sketches

Worked Examples and, The-Nature-of-Code-Examples-for-JRubyArt feel free to add your own, especially ruby-2.2+ syntax now we can. These can now be downloaded using k9 --install please move existing k9_samples if you wish to keep them.

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