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A clean start for jruby_art based on processing-3.0 and jruby- see wiki for building gem from this repo. Changes from processing- 2.0 to processing-3.0 here.


A suitable version of ruby (MRI ruby > 2.1 or jruby- to download gem.


jdk1.8.0_60+ can be openjdk with OpenJFX a separate download works on ArchLinux probably safer to go with the Oracle version, currently FX2D is experimental is expected to replace JAVA2D in the near future see changes above...

recommended installs (JRubyArt is currently hard-coded to expect them)

processing video and sound libraries best installed from the processing-3.0 ide


Config file is config.yml in the ~/.jruby_art folder so can co-exist with a ruby-processing install

# YAML configuration file for jruby_art
# K9_HOME: "/home/ruby2.2.0 ... /jruby_art" #windows users may need to set this
PROCESSING_ROOT: /home/tux/processing-3.0
# important sketch_book path may be different for processing-3.0
sketchbook_path: /home/tux/sketchbook 

Install Steps (assumes you have requirements above)

 gem install jruby_art
 k9 setup install # installs jruby-complete-
 k9 setup unpack_samples # downloads and installs samples to ~/k9_samples
 cd ~/k9_samples/contributed
 k9 --nojruby run jwishy.rb # unless you have jruby- installed or config JRUBY: 'false'
 k9 run jwishy.rb # if you have jruby- installed or config JRUBY: 'false'

Create sketches from built in templates

k9 create fred 200, 200               # basic FX2D sketch fred.rb
k9 create fred 200, 200, p2d          # basic P2D sketch fred.rb
k9 create fred 200, 200 --wrap        # class wrapped FX2D sketch fred.rb
k9 create fred 200, 200, p2d --wrap   # class wrapped P2D sketch fred.rb
k9 create ted 200, 200 --emacs        # class wrapped sketch ted.rb for emacs / netbeans
k9 create ted 200, 200, p2d --emacs   # class wrapped P2D sketch ted.rb for emacs / netbeans

Simple Sketch

# :sketch_title belongs in setup it is a convenience method of jruby_art-3.0
def setup
  sketch_title 'My Sketch'

def draw
  background 0
  fill 200
  ellipse width / 2, height / 2, 300, 200

# NB: changes for processing-3.0
# size, full_screen, pixel_density and smooth should all be moved to settings (this is hidden 
# to users of processing ide, but not for JRubyArt, or for Eclipse NetBeans users). The FX2D 
# rendering mode was introduced, and was expected to replace JAVA2D (as default rendering mode) 
# but may not now happen, and not for processing-3.0 in any case.
def settings
  size 400, 300, FX2D

Run Sketch

k9 run sketch.rb or k9 --nojruby run sketch.rb

be prepared to KILL the odd java process (that doesn't exit cleanly all the time), watch seems now to work

Watch sketches

k9 watch sketch.rb # don't try and change render mode, or use FX2D render mode during watch yet

Open pry console on sketch

k9 live sketch.rb # pry is bound to $app # needs `jruby -S gem install pry`

Example sketches

Worked Examples more to follow, feel free to add your own, especially ruby-2.1+ syntax now we can. These can now be downloaded using k9 setup unpack_samples please move existing k9_samples.

Conversion Tool

I wrote this little script to convert sketches from ruby-processing (processing-2) to jruby_art (processing-3.0) here.

See The-Nature-of-Code-Examples-in-Ruby converted to The-Nature-of-Code-Examples-for-JRubyArt using the script.

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