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An example project from my tutorial of making a simple blog.
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A tutorial of making a simple blog. This tutorial covers on:

  1. What is model?
  2. What is View?
  3. What is URL?
  4. What is django?
  5. How to run first application in Django?
  6. How to write Model, View, Url?
  7. What is class based view?
  8. Add ListView, DetailsView in Django?
  9. How DB relations are represented in Django models?
  10. How to write templates and what is inheritance in templates?
  11. How to add css, js, html in Django? How to use bootstrap?
  12. What is media files, how to add files? etc.

Tutorial Links:

  1. Make a Blog using Django Part 1
  2. Make a Blog using Django Part 2
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