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Naive Bayes Text Classifier
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WhichX is a Naive Bayes' Classifier written in Javascript for classifying short text descriptions into categories. It is a very small library with a very simple API and no dependencies. To see a working demo you can also go to


$ npm install whichx


If you are using Node start by requiring whichx.

var WhichX = require("whichx");

Simply define a new WhichX object. This object represents your dataset, the labels that you want your data classified into, as well as the means to add and classify descriptions.

// Define your whichx object.
var whichpet = new WhichX();

After this you will want to add the labels you wish to give to the types of descriptions you wish to classify.

// Define an array of labels for description types.
var labels = ["cat","dog","fish","horse","bird","reptile"];
// Add your labels to the whichx object.
// Add an extra single label to the whichx object.

Now you can add descriptions to each label. These descriptions, with their labels, act as your training set data.

// Add a description and its label to the data set.
whichpet.addData("pokemon", "loyal and bright yellow with a lightning shaped tail");
// ... Add more here.

With enough data (the more the better), you can provide a description on it's own and ask the classifier which label it thinks it belongs to.

// Which pet am I talking about?
var pet = whichpet.classify("Its yellow and shoots lightning");
console.log("It's a " + pet + "!");

That's it. Enjoy.


The whichx.js (located in assets/scripts) is where all the logic is and the rest (in assets/example) of the project serves only as an example of how the whichx.js can be used. In the index.html we use the example of a classifier designed to guess which type of pet is being described in a short description. But the Javascript WhichX object can be used to classify any types of descriptions you can put labels to.

To get starting making changes to the project you will need to;

  1. Install node and npm.
  2. Run npm install in the root of the project.
  3. Run npm test -s to run the linters and unit tests.

As long as any changes you make pass all linting checks and unit tests, feel free to raise a pull request.

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