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Erme Universal Dependencies annotated texts Moksha
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Erme Universal Dependencies annotated texts Moksha

This is a collection of sentences from original Moksha-language literary sources with Universal Dependencies (UD) annotations. It has been constructed in alignment with parallel work on Erzya language Universal Dependencies.

The sent_id attribute value is not randomized in works published earlier than 1938. Developing UD documentation can be found at for Erzya.


If you use this data set in an academic publication, I would be ever so grateful if you cited it as follows:

Jack Rueter. (2018, January 20). Erme UD Moksha (Version v1.0)


About the authors

Мишанина, В. И. 1972: Лиендень очконяса. (MishaninaValentina_LiendenyOchkonyasa_Moksha-1972-No2-pp38-39) (Мордовиянь Кадошкина аймаконь Адаж веле)

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