Control and diagnostic applications for rump kernels
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netbsd_init.h g/c unused Sep 9, 2015
readwrite.c Add a utility, which is replacing May 4, 2015 split out the read,write wrapper transforms into their own step Apr 29, 2014
remoteinit.c world's most creative hack no longer required with latest May 23, 2014
rumpclient.c split out rumpclient specific parts of emul.c Jun 6, 2014 Enable parameters expansion in the prompt Mar 12, 2017 use flags from rumptools/ (for, Apr 20, 2015

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Rumpctrl provides configuration, control and diagnostic utilities for rump kernels. These utilities can be run on a POSIX-type userspace platform to remotely inspect and adjust the status of rump kernels via the sysproxy remote system call facility. This repository provides both the build framework and a selection of familiar utilities such as ifconfig, mount, sysctl, and more.

See the wiki for more information and instructions.