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Rump Kernels

Projects related to rump kernels: drivers, infrastructure, etc.

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  1. rumprun rumprun Public

    The Rumprun unikernel and toolchain for various platforms

    C 1.1k 128

  2. wiki wiki Public

    Wiki for rump kernels

    460 31

  3. rumprun-packages rumprun-packages Public

    Ready-made packages of software for running on the Rumprun unikernel

    C++ 202 79

  4. drv-netif-dpdk drv-netif-dpdk Public

    DPDK interface driver for userspace TCP/IP stack

    C 194 54

  5. Public

    Utilities for building rump kernels

    C 116 52

  6. fs-utils fs-utils Public

    File System Access Utilities in Userland

    C 75 9


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