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Crinkler 2.3

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@askeksa askeksa released this 21 Jul 20:58
· 10 commits to master since this release
  • The size of /TINYHEADER reduced by another 3 bytes.
  • Faster hash size optimization, especially with many cores.
  • Error messages about symbols that cannot be found now include the name of the function containing the reference to that symbol.
  • When using functions from msvcrt.dll, it is no longer necessary to supply an old msvcrt.lib. Crinkler now automatically links to msvcrt.dll, similarly to how the Microsoft linker automatically links to its corresponding runtime.
  • For CONSOLE applications, when not specifying a custom entry point, Crinkler will insert a small mainCRTStartup which handles commandline arguments.
  • The automatic msvcrt.dll linking and entry point can be disabled by using the /NODEFAULTLIB option.
  • Added support for legacy format lib files with only the first linker member. Files like this are emitted from rustc, for example.
  • When an imported DLL contains no export table (which is the case for some Wine DLLs), Crinkler will no longer crash. Instead, it will report an error, instructing the user to supply genuine Windows DLLs when crinkling on Wine.
  • Only one dump file is written if several threads crash.