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Rupaya is the digital form of rupees, which is a currency used throughout South Asia. Rupaya is intended to provide a digital currency to a growing number of residents in emerging markets that are unable to access bank accounts and credit cards.

Specifications :

  • Proof of Stake with MN & Governance
  • Zerocoin v2 with staking
  • Instant Transactions via SwiftTx
  • DAO Governance
  • 60sec block time
  • 20k for Masternodes

Mainnet Ports :

  • P2P 9050
  • RPC 7050

Testnet Ports :

  • P2P 10500
  • RPC 11000

A total of 39M Rupaya's were premined to swap the community's holding at Block 1

Block Rewards

Find out more about our block reward & governance structure and percentages on our website .



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