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Rust Game Development Working Group 🕹️

The game development working group's main purpose is to make Rust a first-class option for game developers.

What are we doing?

At the very high level we have two main tasks:

  • To improve the experience of people using rust for game development. We want game developers to have a representation in the Rust project. We are a bridge between them and the Rust dev team.

  • Share knowledge and make game engine development more accessible for people that are not engine developers. We know it can be an intimidating and scary field when you're just starting out.

More details about our mission can be found in our charter.

How can you help

Let us know where the gaps currently are. If there are problems in the tooling, documentation crate ecosystem, or even the language, we would like to know about it.

If you have an idea, proposal or issue where you think the rust language or ecosystem needs to improve in order to make it a better option for game development open an issue on this repository. It will be discussed and triaged here.

If you're interested in learning more about our governance or becoming a member you can start here.

Join the fun!


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