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Remove warnings about incr. comp. generating less debugging output.

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michaelwoerister committed May 28, 2019
1 parent dbec74f commit 0d67510a48e867935b4bb84fea9fc8123a194d69
Showing with 2 additions and 18 deletions.
  1. +2 −18 src/librustc/session/
@@ -330,14 +330,6 @@ macro_rules! hash_option {
bug!("Duplicate key in CLI DepTrackingHash: {}", stringify!($opt_name))
[UNTRACKED_WITH_WARNING $warn_val:expr, $warn_text:expr, $error_format:expr]) => ({
if *$opt_expr == $warn_val {
early_warn($error_format, $warn_text)

macro_rules! top_level_options {
@@ -383,10 +375,6 @@ macro_rules! top_level_options {
// Incremental compilation is not influenced by this option.
// [UNTRACKED_WITH_WARNING(val, warning)]
// The option is incompatible with incremental compilation in some way. If it
// has the value `val`, the string `warning` is emitted as a warning.
// If you add a new option to this struct or one of the sub-structs like
// CodegenOptions, think about how it influences incremental compilation. If in
// doubt, specify [TRACKED], which is always "correct" but might lead to
@@ -1163,9 +1151,7 @@ options! {CodegenOptions, CodegenSetter, basic_codegen_options,
"a list of extra LLVM passes to run (space separated)"),
llvm_args: Vec<String> = (Vec::new(), parse_list, [TRACKED],
"a list of arguments to pass to llvm (space separated)"),
save_temps: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED_WITH_WARNING(true,
"`-C save-temps` might not produce all requested temporary products \
when incremental compilation is enabled.")],
save_temps: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED],
"save all temporary output files during compilation"),
rpath: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED],
"set rpath values in libs/exes"),
@@ -1241,9 +1227,7 @@ options! {DebuggingOptions, DebuggingSetter, basic_debugging_options,
"measure time of each rustc pass"),
time: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED],
"measure time of rustc processes"),
time_llvm_passes: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED_WITH_WARNING(true,
"The output of `-Z time-llvm-passes` will only reflect timings of \
re-codegened modules when used with incremental compilation" )],
time_llvm_passes: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED],
"measure time of each LLVM pass"),
input_stats: bool = (false, parse_bool, [UNTRACKED],
"gather statistics about the input"),

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