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ci: Add a script for generating CPU usage graphs

This commit checks in a script which generates CPU usage graphs over
time, expanding on the previous comment that was include in the
collection file.
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alexcrichton committed Jun 14, 2019
1 parent e699ea0 commit 831ddf700d91b50ac8e3beffe35d7ee5f5dd5218
Showing with 51 additions and 17 deletions.
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  2. +49 −0 src/etc/
@@ -30,23 +30,8 @@
# the second column is always zero.
# Once you've downloaded a file there's various ways to plot it and visualize
# it. For command line usage you can use a script like so:
# set timefmt '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S'
# set xdata time
# set ylabel "Idle CPU %"
# set xlabel "Time"
# set datafile sep ','
# set term png
# set output "printme.png"
# set grid
# builder = "i686-apple"
# plot "cpu-".builder.".csv" using 1:2 with lines title builder
# Executed as `gnuplot < ./foo.plot` it will generate a graph called
# `printme.png` which you can then open up. If you know how to improve this
# script or the viewing process that would be much appreciated :) (or even if
# you know how to automate it!)
# it. For command line usage you use the `src/etc/`
# script in this repository.

import datetime
import sys
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@

# A small script to help visualizing CPU usage over time data collected on CI
# using `gnuplot`.
# This script is expected to be called with two arguments. The first is the full
# commit SHA of the build you're interested in, and the second is the name of
# the builder. For example:
# ./src/etc/ e699ea096fcc2fc9ce8e8bcf884e11496a31cc9f i686-mingw-1
# That will generate `$builder.png` in the current directory which you can open
# up to see a hopefully pretty graph.
# Improvements to this script are greatly appreciated!

set -ex


curl -O https://$$commit/cpu-$builder.csv

gnuplot <<-EOF
set timefmt '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S'
set xdata time
set ylabel "CPU Usage %"
set xlabel "Time"
set datafile sep ','
set term png size 3000,1000
set output "$builder.png"
set grid
f(x) = mean_y
fit f(x) 'cpu-$builder.csv' using 1:(100-\$2) via mean_y
set label 1 gprintf("Average = %g%%", mean_y) center font ",18"
set label 1 at graph 0.50, 0.25
set xtics rotate by 45 offset -2,-2.4 300
set ytics 10
set boxwidth 0.5
plot \\
mean_y with lines linetype 1 linecolor rgb "#ff0000" title "average", \\
"cpu-$builder.csv" using 1:(100-\$2) with points pointtype 7 pointsize 0.4 title "$builder", \\
"" using 1:(100-\$2) smooth bezier linewidth 3 title "bezier"

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