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librustc_errors: Extract sugg/subst handling into method #64058

merged 1 commit into from Sep 3, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -30,10 +30,8 @@ pub struct AnnotateSnippetEmitterWriter {
impl Emitter for AnnotateSnippetEmitterWriter {
/// The entry point for the diagnostics generation
fn emit_diagnostic(&mut self, db: &DiagnosticBuilder<'_>) {
let primary_span = db.span.clone();
let children = db.children.clone();
// FIXME(#59346): Collect suggestions (see
let suggestions: &[_] = &[];
let (primary_span, suggestions) = self.primary_span_formatted(&db);

// FIXME(#59346): Add `fix_multispans_in_std_macros` function from

@@ -191,16 +191,25 @@ pub trait Emitter {
fn should_show_explain(&self) -> bool {

impl Emitter for EmitterWriter {
fn emit_diagnostic(&mut self, db: &DiagnosticBuilder<'_>) {
/// Formats the substitutions of the primary_span
/// The are a lot of conditions to this method, but in short:
/// * If the current `Diagnostic` has only one visible `CodeSuggestion`,
/// we format the `help` suggestion depending on the content of the
/// substitutions. In that case, we return the modified span only.
/// * If the current `Diagnostic` has multiple suggestions,
/// we return the original `primary_span` and the original suggestions.
fn primary_span_formatted<'a>(
&mut self,
db: &'a DiagnosticBuilder<'_>
) -> (MultiSpan, &'a [CodeSuggestion]) {
let mut primary_span = db.span.clone();
let mut children = db.children.clone();
let mut suggestions: &[_] = &[];

if let Some((sugg, rest)) = db.suggestions.split_first() {
if rest.is_empty() &&
// ^ if there is only one suggestion
// don't display multi-suggestions as labels
sugg.substitutions.len() == 1 &&
// don't display multipart suggestions as labels
@@ -216,21 +225,34 @@ impl Emitter for EmitterWriter {
let substitution = &sugg.substitutions[0].parts[0].snippet.trim();
let msg = if substitution.len() == 0 || {
// This substitution is only removal or we explicitly don't want to show the
// code inline, don't show it
// This substitution is only removal OR we explicitly don't want to show the
// code inline (`hide_inline`). Therefore, we don't show the substitution.
format!("help: {}", sugg.msg)
} else {
// Show the default suggestion text with the substitution
format!("help: {}: `{}`", sugg.msg, substitution)
primary_span.push_span_label(sugg.substitutions[0].parts[0].span, msg);

// We return only the modified primary_span
(primary_span, &[])
} else {
// if there are multiple suggestions, print them all in full
// to be consistent. We could try to figure out if we can
// make one (or the first one) inline, but that would give
// undue importance to a semi-random suggestion
suggestions = &db.suggestions;
(primary_span, &db.suggestions)
} else {
(primary_span, &db.suggestions)

impl Emitter for EmitterWriter {
fn emit_diagnostic(&mut self, db: &DiagnosticBuilder<'_>) {
let mut children = db.children.clone();
let (mut primary_span, suggestions) = self.primary_span_formatted(&db);

self.fix_multispans_in_std_macros(&mut primary_span,
&mut children,
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