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Rust 程式設計語言(正體中文翻譯)


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Rust 程式設計語言

此為「The Rust Programming Language」fork 後的正體中文版,你可以在「Rust 程式設計語言 」閱讀整本書的內容。而要是有興趣貢獻的話,歡迎前往 來瞭解詳情。

Build Status

This repository contains the source of "The Rust Programming Language" book.

The book is available in dead-tree form from No Starch Press.

You can also read the book for free online. Please see the book as shipped with the latest stable, beta, or nightly Rust releases. Be aware that issues in those versions may have been fixed in this repository already, as those releases are updated less frequently.

See the releases to download just the code of all the code listings that appear in the book.


Building the book requires mdBook, ideally the same version that rust-lang/rust uses in this file. To get it:

$ cargo install mdbook --vers [version-num]


To build the book, type:

$ mdbook build

The output will be in the book subdirectory. To check it out, open it in your web browser.


$ firefox book/index.html                       # Linux
$ open -a "Firefox" book/index.html             # OS X
$ Start-Process "firefox.exe" .\book\index.html # Windows (PowerShell)
$ start firefox.exe .\book\index.html           # Windows (Cmd)


$ google-chrome book/index.html                 # Linux
$ open -a "Google Chrome" book/index.html       # OS X
$ Start-Process "chrome.exe" .\book\index.html  # Windows (PowerShell)
$ start chrome.exe .\book\index.html            # Windows (Cmd)

To run the tests:

$ mdbook test


We'd love your help! Please see to learn about the kinds of contributions we're looking for.

Because the book is printed, and because we want to keep the online version of the book close to the print version when possible, it may take longer than you're used to for us to address your issue or pull request.

So far, we've been doing a larger revision to coincide with Rust Editions. Between those larger revisions, we will only be correcting errors. If your issue or pull request isn't strictly fixing an error, it might sit until the next time that we're working on a large revision: expect on the order of months or years. Thank you for your patience!


We'd love help translating the book! See the Translations label to join in efforts that are currently in progress. Open a new issue to start working on a new language! We're waiting on mdbook support for multiple languages before we merge any in, but feel free to start!


To scan source files for spelling errors, you can use the script available in the ci directory. It needs a dictionary of valid words, which is provided in ci/dictionary.txt. If the script produces a false positive (say, you used word BTreeMap which the script considers invalid), you need to add this word to ci/dictionary.txt (keep the sorted order for consistency).