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Meetups of Rust Taiwan Community
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Meetups of Rust Taiwan Community

This is the Rust Taiwan Community. We hold meetups every month.


Join the Facebook Group or Telegram channel to follow the latest events:

We hold the meetups at the place, 摩茲工寮 Mozilla Community Space Taipei, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Table of Contents


Date Chapter/Topic Speaker Slides
2019/01/21 15. Smart Pointers @weihanglo link
2019/02/17 16. Fearless Concurrency @weihanglo link
2019/03/30 17. Is Rust an Object-Oriented Programming Language? @球魚 link
18. Patterns Match the Structure of Values @dieter link
2019/04/20 19. Advanced Features @rnic link
20. Final Project: Building a Multithreaded Web Server @球魚 link
2019/05/25 RustCon Asia 2019 見聞錄 (Stories Sharing) @weihanglo link
Understanding Lifetime @rnic link
2019/06/29 Rust Website Translation to ZH-TW link
2019/07/20 Preparing for COSCUP 2019 link


Date Chapter Speaker Slides
2018/6/21 1. Getting Started @dieter link
2. Programming a Guessing Game @球魚 link
2018/7/21 3. Common Programming Concepts @tigercosmos link
4. Understanding Ownership @wayling link
2018/8/13 5. Using Structs to Structure Related Data @kais link
6. Enums and Pattern Matching @IU link
2018/9/3 7. Modules @dieter link
8. Common Collections @weihanglo link
2018/10/8 9. Error Handling @kais link
10. Generic Types, Traits, and Lifetimes @tigercosmos link
2018/11/12 11. Testing @kais link
12. An I/O Project: Building a Command Line Program @tigercosmos link
2018/12/10 13. Functional Language Features: Iterators and Closures @球魚 link
14. More about Cargo and @dieter link
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