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R Weekly

R weekly provides weekly updates from the R community. You are welcome to contribute as long as you follow our code of conduct and our contributing guide.

How to have (my) content shared by R Weekly?

We're all about spreading content about R, be it blog posts, tutorials, screencasts, slidedecks, etc. Please help us!

In general for feeds and one time sharing we prefer https over http.

Regular R posts: submit your RSS feed

Submit your blog RSS feed via If your blog doesn't have an RSS feed yet, look up for resources / help for doing it, it's worth it! is the list of feeds for R Weekly Live

What rules are there?

  • The RSS feed has to be mainly related to R, so if your content mixes R and baking posts please create a specific R feed. Now, if there's one off topic post once in a while, it's fine, we'll remove it from the release.

  • Please💡 Use W3C Feed Validation Service to checks the syntax of Atom or RSS feeds.

  • We don't need a full content RSS feed since we'll only use links and titles.

One off sharing


An URL to a free resource about R, or using R. If it's a book, we won't advertise it unless there's a free online version. In posts/tutorials, the R code has to be visible or easy to find. We check for duplicates over the last issues.


  • Via this very GitHub repo. Update the draft post, and create a pull request. Please respect the categories indicated in the contributing guide but don't worry, we can reshuffle content as needed. You can suggest an image in the comment of the PR but don't add images to your PR edits, the editor in charge of the release will pick images.

We prefer PRs because they're more transparent and make the workflow smoother for us (merging a PR vs copy-pasting from the form output) but if you're afraid of GitHub use the form... or open a PR anyway, we'll teach you!

Contribute to R-Weekly via Pull Requests: short screencast created by Sina Rüeger demonstrating how you can contribute a new link to the R-Weekly issue via a GitHub pull request


It's best to submit links between Monday and Friday, because we pick links for our highlights poll on Fridays. 😉 The issue is frozen on Sundays. No time is indicated because it depends on the timezone & time availabilities of the volunteer editor in charge of the release.

Where does the content come from?

For nitty-gritty details see the process release editors follow.

  • From RSS feeds

  • From links contributed by the community via PRs or

  • From editors', in particular the editor in charge of the release that week, looking over their own Twitter likes, feed readers etc. But really, if you can and are aware of R Weekly, it's better to proactively submit your content (or content by someone else and that you found great!) rather than to hope we'll have seen it. We miss cool stuff all the time despite our best efforts!


Talk with us!

Have a question or great idea about this website?

Talk with us on Twitter or an GitHub issue.

Join us!

Are you passionate about sharing content from the R community? After creating at least 10 pull requests, fill in this form to join our team!

Responsabilities of editors

  • Handle a release every few weeks. We agree on the schedule and swap weeks as needed.

  • Vote on the highlight on Saturdays, which can be skipped when you have no time or no opinion. Each release contains at most 3 highlight posts in general. Editors will vote for at most three posts on the R Weekly Slack channel every Saturday. If you do not want to recommend any post, you can skip the vote.

A member will receive a notice about his/her inactive status for two months in the organization. A member will leave R Weekly organization if the inactive status passes 75 days.

Support with Patreon

Donate to R Weekly with Patreon

Thanks for reading!