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Docker container for running IB Gateway headless
Dockerfile Shell
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IB Gateway

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Creates a completely self-contained Docker container of IB Gateway. Exposes a VNC service on port 5900 and 7496/7497 for the IB API.


  1. git clone
  2. cd docker-ibgateway
  3. Configure IB Gateway on a local system.
    • Copy jts.ini to the cloned repository folder.
    • Copy ibg.xml from your profile folder into the cloned repository folder (it's inside the very long folder name). This contains your account settings (like enabling/disabling read-only mode).
  4. Edit Dockerfile and change the PROFILE variable to the name of your profile.
  5. Edit the VNC password in Dockerfile if needed.
  6. docker build -t ibgateway .
  7. docker run -d --rm --name ibgateway -e ARGS="username=IB_USERNAME password=IB_PASSWORD" -p 5900:5900 -p 7496:7496 -p 7497:7497 ibgateway

If paper trading, a 'return' keystroke will be sent after 15s to skip the warning dialog.

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