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django-menus is a simple menu application for the django framework. django-menus is an ideal application for any size restaurant wishing to display their menu on a django site.

##Main Concepts##

django-menus focuses on the following 3 main concepts:

  1. Menus (i.e. Lunch, Dinner)
  2. Menu Categories (i.e. Appetizers, Pasta)
  3. Menu Items (i.e. Garden Salad, or Pork Tenderloin)

Each menu item can belong to multiple categories to facilitate items occurring in multiple locations throughout the menus. For example, you may want Nachos to appear in the Appetizer category for both the Lunch -and- the Dinner menus.

Menu items can be classified as being either Vegan, Vegetarian, or Neither. They can also be marked as being spicy items, if they contain peanuts, or if they are gluten-free.