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project サンプル追加。README を記載 Jun 8, 2017


Converts evaluation specifications written with markdown to xlsx table.


Write Markdown

Write markdown as follows

# Category

## Major 
### Middle
#### Minor

1. Test process 1
2. Test process 2
* [ ] Check point 1
* [ ] Check point 2

Now h1, h2, h3, h4, itemization(1., 2. ... n.) and check marks(*[ ]) are supported.

  • A h1 element means evaluation category. This will be converted to a sheet in xlsx.
  • h2, h3 and h4 elements mean major item, middle item and minor item respectively.
  • Items beginning with "n." mean test procedures.
  • Items beginning with "* [ ]" mean check points of this test.

Convert markdown to xlsx


java -jar evalSpecMaker.jar test_spec.xlsx


Now, headers in converted xlsx table are Japanese only.

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