A light weight plugin to simulate android like pattern lock interface for your hybrid app or website.
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A light weight plugin to simulate android like pattern lock mechanism for your hybrid app or for a website. It's easy to configure and style so you can have different type of pattern lock according to your need. Is also provide some methods to use this plugin securely.

How to use?
Include jquery and patternLock.js and patternLock.css to your page.

<link href="patternLock.css"  rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="patternLock.js"></script>

Than with simple initialization you have your pattern lock.

var lock = new PatternLock("#patternContainer");

Check demo and documentation on http://ignitersworld.com/lab/patternLock.html

Major updates


  • Added a option to allow repeating over dots.
  • Added on npm.
  • Fixed setPattern bug for larger matrix.
  • Fixed invalid pattern #15, #3
  • Fixed direction classes issue while directly moving to non near dots.


  • UMD (AMD, CommonJS) support.


  • Added directional classes, dir, n,s,e,w,n-e,n-w,s-e,s-w.


  • Added setPattern, disable, enable methods.


  • Fixed patternlock support on devices having both mouse and touch input.