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The history

After several unsuccessful attempts to find functional and free tool for removing BOM from files, I've decided to write my own.


java -jar target/bom-remover-launcher.jar -f $folder [-m mask1] [-m mask2] [-m maskN] [-r]

  1. $folder -- root folder to search in
  2. mask1...maskN -- file masks, you can provide 0+ masks; "*" will be used if no mask provided.
  3. -r -- whether to scan subfolders of root folder, switched off by default
  • java -jar target/bom-remover-launcher.jar -f /Users/me -- will process all files in /Users/me folder
  • java -jar target/bom-remover-launcher.jar -f C:\test -r -- will process all files in C:\test folder and all subfolders
  • java -jar target/bom-remover-launcher.jar -f /usr/docs -m *.txt -m *.java -m ?Class*.hs -r -- will process all files based upon given masks in /usr/doc folder and it's subfolders

Processing type was added for convenience in future (maybe sometimes I will improve algorithm with more fast and least buggy processing) Tool will find all files (if any) and remove any BOM types from them: utf-8, utf-16 or utf-32.


Java 1.7+

Using as external dependency
Maven plugin

Another simple usage of that tool is to set this maven plugin