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@s1lentq s1lentq released this 01 Jan 20:11
· 20 commits to master since this release

What's Changed

  • Implement RH_SV_AllowPhysent hook by @justgo97 in #265
  • Add ITEM_FLAG_NOFIREUNDERWATER to by @fl0werD in #267
  • Improved description for rg_get_weapon_info by @Nord1cWarr1or in #269
  • API: Implement RH_ExecuteServerStringCmd hook by @ShadowsAdi in #263
  • Improve include descriptions rg_fire_bullets, rg_fire_buckshots and rg_fire_bullets3 by @RauliTop in #245
  • rg_give_defusekit(): Add player team check by @Giferns in #234
  • Implement rh_get_client_connect_time() native by @FEDERICOMB96 in #259
  • Fix TimeBasedDamage enum typo at by @RauliTop in #256
  • Add new trace flags to by @justgo97 in #278
  • Add m_flEjectBrass description by @RauliTop in #274
  • API: Implement RG_CreateWeaponBox hook by @dystopm in #275
  • API: Implement RG_PM_LadderMove hook by @ShadowsAdi in #254
  • API: CSPlayer and CKnife additions + headers refactory by @dystopm in #277
  • API: Added rg_set/get_global_iteminfo natives by @dystopm in #279
  • Added a new argument removeAmmo to the rg_remove_items_by_slot native by @Javekson in #283
  • API: New gamedll hookchains by @dystopm in #280
  • Fix error 029: invalid expression for IsRoundExpireEvent by @Javekson in #286
  • Refactored rg_remove_items_by_slot and updated the return logic by @Javekson in #288
  • Updated the return logic of rg_drop_item and rg_drop_items_by_slot by @Javekson in #289
  • Added GetBodygroup, SetBodygroup, GetSequenceInfo natives by @dystopm in #294
  • fix(rg_transfer_c4): prevent C4 destruction on arg receiver = 0 by @Javekson in #291
  • Headers update, rename m_bHasSecondaryAttack, CSPlayer member additions by @dystopm in #293
  • Implemented CCSEntity members to export in AMXX headers by @dystopm in #296
  • Fix GiveC4 hook callback return type by @dystopm in #295
  • API upgrade: 15 new natives by @dystopm in #297
    • rg_spawn_grenade: Spawns a grenade entity with specified parameters.
    • rg_create_weaponbox: Spawns a weaponbox entity with specified properties.
    • rg_remove_entity: Removes an entity using gamedll's UTIL_Remove function.
    • rg_decal_trace: Creates a decal in the world based on a traceresult.
    • rg_emit_texture_sound: Emits a sound based on a traceresult simulating a bullet hit.
    • rg_add_ammo_registry: Generates an ammo slot in the game's logic.
    • rg_weapon_deploy: Deploys a weapon attached to a player.
    • rg_weapon_reload: Reloads a weapon or a player's active weapon.
    • rg_weapon_shotgun_reload: Forces shotgun reload thinking on a weapon or a player's active weapon.
    • rg_weapon_send_animation: Sends a weapon animation to a player.
    • rg_weapon_kickback: Emits a recoil effect on a weapon's player.
    • rg_switch_best_weapon: Switches a player's current weapon to the best one on their inventory.
    • rg_disappear: Makes a player disappear from the world.
    • rg_set_observer_mode: Sets a player's current Observer mode.
    • rg_death_notice: Emits a death notice.

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