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A PHP Weblog/Blog software
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Latest commit 33dcbbe @onli onli Merge pull request #390 from xoxys/master
Disable email notifications for replies send from backend
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archives Added "archives" path to release structure
bundled-libs fix whitespaces and tabs
deployment deployment files cleanup
docs Fix missing perm checks for a "standard user" in MediaLibrary
htmlarea disable Smarty like CKEDITOR (procurator) protection
include Update
lang Execute addlang
plugins consistent plugin usage - bbcode
sql Add primary key to some tables (#341)
templates Clean up fallback styles
templates_c Also support "last X" REST interface
tests Fixes bug in serendipity_serverOffsetHour (cp.…
uploads Also support "last X" REST interface
.gitignore Fixes bug in serendipity_serverOffsetHour (cp.…
README.markdown remove testing Make checksum code skippable
comment.php Introduce serendipity_specialchars-wrapper for encoding bug (#236)
composer.json Include klogger, enable for trackbacks and index
composer.phar add composer
exit.php cleanup cosmetics
index.php Merge branch 'master' into feature_indexCleanup
rss.php use ssl when called, thanks to hboeck!
serendipity.css.php Fixes Issue #350
serendipity_admin.php better comments by author
serendipity_admin_image_selector.php cleanup cosmetics Add cache activation to configuration (closes #345)
serendipity_xmlrpc.php cleanup cosmetics
wfwcomment.php cleanup cosmetics


Serendipity - a PHP Weblog/Blog software

Serendipity is a PHP-powered weblog application which gives the user an easy way to maintain an online diary, weblog or even a complete homepage. While the default package is designed for the casual blogger, Serendipity offers a flexible, expandable and easy-to-use framework with the power for professional applications.

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