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The Serendipity GitHub wiki is very work in progress. Currently, it is only a loose collection of notes, but we intend to turn this into a fully-fledged “How to contribute to s9y” documentation.

We encourage and appreciate any contribution to s9y development including bug reports or feature request. Please note that we prefer feature requests in our forums since they usually require a bit of discussion before being implemented.

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported in our GitHub issues, but please note our preference for reporting security issues. To keep the issue tracker concise and readable, please open a seperate issue for each bug.


We do of course appreciate and welcome pull requests and try to review them quickly. Please have a look on our guide on using branches. If you are interested in contributing more regularly, please drop by in the forums or get in touch with our lead developer, @garvinhicking.

New to s9y development, want to know where and how to get started? We have a list of issues that should be easy to fix for new contributors.

Developer documentation

Special topics

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