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Serendipity 2.3.5

@th-h th-h released this
· 403 commits to master since this release
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This is a bugfix release with some fixes backported from our master branch:

  • Fix: Truncate extension of media items to 5 chars which ist the max length of the corresponding database field (#609). Thanks to @mmitch!
  • Fix: Unconditionally keep upgraded_version in plugin cache (64b5d56).
  • Fix: Entry title in backend list of entries was double escaped (c66451e).
  • Fix: serendipity_plugin_history would error out (and prevent display of the sidebar) since 2.3.3 (#694).
  • Fix: Don't delete extend properties from the entryproperties plugin when publishing from dashboard or sending delayed trackbacks (#695).
  • Fix: CKE: Don't remove <details> and <summary> elements from WYSIWYG editor (6c15c80).
  • Fix: Don't strip HTML from comments body in serendipity_plugin_comments before serendipity_event_unstrip_tags can convert the HTML tags (#702).

You can download the release file and unzip it to your installation as usual, or update from within Serendipity using the Serendipity Autoupdate Plugin (serendipity_event_autoupdate).

(MD5: e9d6937ffb06533de9566d600e1ffdc2)