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Sage Publications Build Status

License: GPLv2+



This script requires Pybtex for parsing a BibTeX database.

Install it this way:

$ pip install -M -U --user pybtex

The general database of publications that cite Sage is contained in the text file named by the variable publications_general. The file referred to by this variable is a BibTeX database. Each publication entry is described in BibTeX format. If you want to add or delete items from the publications database, you should edit the file named by the variable publications_general. Besides that, files for *-combinat and *-mupad citations do the analogous.

Make sure that your edit follows the formatting rules of BibTeX. Once you are done editing, call make to rebuild the files.

The resulting *.html files are macro-templates for jinja.

To integrate the new page on the actual website, the website project calls the makefile here and uses the generated templates and copies over the *.bib files.


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