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Sage Mathematical Software System

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SageMath is a free, open-source mathematical software system based on the Python programming language. It covers a wide range of mathematical areas including algebra, calculus, number theory, geometry, graph theory, combinatorics and much more. It is used to perform calculations, graphing, simulations, and modeling in physics, cryptography, coding theory, optimization and indeed in all of mathematical fields.

Sage, as we call SageMath for short, started with the aim of providing a free alternative to proprietary mathematical software such as Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab. Thus it combines the power of many existing open-source packages, and provides an integrated platform for open computing, education, and research. Now the SageMath project acts as an umbrella project of open-source mathematical software.

The developer community of the SageMath project is constantly improving Sage and related packages, and we invite you to help improve the source code, or contribute in your own way. We heartily welcome all kinds of contributions, technical or non-technical, from adding stars to our repositories, reporting bugs or typos, commenting to issues, or creating Pulling Requests, to donations. We provide a warm and supportive environment in which contributors experience large-scale open-source software development for humanity. 💕


Contents of In addition to the main repository sagemath/sage, this org also hosts the source code of our website in website and publications and repositories of closely related projects maintained by SageMath developers: cypari2, cysignals, deformation, memory_allocator, modular_resolution, pari-jupyter, p_group_cohomology, pplpy, sage-binder-env, sage-numerical-backends-coin, sage-numerical-backends-cplex, sage-numerical-backends-gurobi, sage-shell-mode, sagecell, sagetex, threejs-sage.

Contents of Our sister org at hosts or archives a few other closely related projects maintained by SageMath developers: lcalc, symmetrica, zn_poly.


  1. sage sage Public

    Main repository of SageMath. Now open for Issues and Pull Requests.

    Python 1k 380

  2. website website Public

    this is the code for the website

    HTML 38 182

  3. publications publications Public

    Generate the publication pages listing documents citing Sage

    TeX 24 32

  4. sage-shell-mode sage-shell-mode Public

    Emacs front end for SageMath

    Emacs Lisp 97 16

  5. sagecell sagecell Public

    The Sage Cell Server---providing a way to embed Sage computations into any web page.

    Python 198 70

  6. sagetex sagetex Public

    embed code, results of computations, and plots from the Sage mathematics software suite ( into LaTeX documents

    TeX 57 22


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