Sep 24, 2018
tagging v0.4.1

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Changelog for the Windows Installer

0.4.1 (2018-09-24)

  • Added some dependencies to the runtime environment that were necessary
    for compiling Cython code at runtime to work (e.g. cython()).

  • Improved support for sage -i, at least in principle (not all optional
    packages work yet, but one can at least install some of the ones that do

  • Fixed bug preventing sage-sethome from working properly.

Aug 10, 2018


Tagging v0.4 of the installer

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Changelog for the Windows Installer

0.4 (2018-08-10)

  • Added single-user installation mode as the default installation mode--now
    Sage can be installed without Administrator privileges on the system.
    Installing Sage with this mode means users can modify files in their Sage
    installation without Administrator privileges (ideal for tinkering and
    installing additional packages!)

  • Reworked how home directories are handled:

    • Now Sage runs under a single "home directory" that is named
      /home/sage. For each user, /home/sage actually points by default to
      their Windows profile directory (i.e. C:\Users\<Username>). This is
      consistent with previous versions of Sage for Windows, except that
      /home/sage/ is used instead of /home/<Username>/ where <Username>
      was your Windows username. This choice is motivated by compatibility
      with some UNIX software that does not handle spaces or special
      characters in home directories.

    • It is now possible to change the default home directory used for Sage:
      For single-user installs you are asked at install time where you would
      like to set your home directory. However, it can be changed at any time
      from within the Sage Shell by running sage-sethome [DIRECTORY] where
      [DIRECTORY] is the Windows path you'd like to set as the home
      directory for Sage.

  • Included ImageMagick in the distribution. This is a dependency of some
    functionality in Sage, such as for converting LaTeX to PNG images for
    displaying in the Sage Notebook.

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Tagging v0.3 of installer for SageMath v8.2

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SageMath 8.1 for Windows Release Notes

This is the second release of SageMath for Windows (the first being based on Sage 8.0). Currently there is not a simple upgrade path from a previous install to the new version--the two versions may be installed side-by-side, and once satisfied with the new version, the old one may be uninstalled.

Currently, each version also creates its own "dot sage" directory, under C:\Users\<Your Username>\.sagemath-8.0, and C:\Users\<Your Username>\.sagemath-8.1 (this may change in a future release so that the dot sage directory is not tied to a specific Sage version). Therefore, if you want to copy any settings from your .sagemath-8.0 directory, you may simply copy files from there to your .sagemath-8.1 directory.

Note: Uninstalling any version does not delete the dot sage directory, and it may be removed or renamed manually.

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Fix bug with path to symlinks list in the installer
Dec 15, 2016
Fix unfortunate typo in the SageMath Console shortcut link
Dec 14, 2016
Fix some of the terminal and link titles.
Dec 13, 2016
Add the build resources and scripts that have been assembled so far--…
…still very sketchy for the most part.