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18.6.0 (01-06-2018)

@saghul saghul released this
· 2 commits to master since this release
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* 98d5d3d modules: add hash module
* 08ed072 utils: fix typo
* 2cf72e4 modules: add console module
* 67ae323 vm: autoload module on bootstrap
* 632f09d doc: update FAQ
* 5eaeaca misc: update .gitignore
* 904003d vm: ignore errors when running bootstrap code
* 4b1edd0 vm: fix require.main
* 06a50f1 io: add File.writeLine
* 6ffdf5a io: simplified code
* 7fd8038 core: set name of CommonJS wrapper to "main"
* c3255b7 system: lazy load argv property
* c18fc48 system,io: move std{in,out,err} to system
* 13d72e4 system: add system.args
* 6f7a727 vm: update Duktape Node module extra
* 20432b6 core: use constant for maximum path length
* 3d4b0f9 misc: style
* 59c79ea doc: add asciinema demo
* 35e00c6 doc: fix sphinx warning
* 5fb3d3a modules: remove log module
* 9e03d41 console: wrap in a Proxy object
* a991ebd core: update Duktape to v2
* ae5fc76 cli: fix greeting message
* bd4acdd core: set version to 17.0.0 (alpha)
* 2805716 core: switch to babel-polyfill for modern JS shimming
* 0b8c672 ci: only test the master branch
* 805f4cf misc: updated copyright years
* b442884 core: update Duktape to v2.2.0
* 0e8fe41 vm: remove custom global object
* 75033aa time: remove no longer used time / hrtime
* be858bf ci: use macOS 10.12 + Xcode 9.1 for testing
* ce38fd9 modules: write error of module which couldn't be found
* ccfe420 test: only run tests if they end in .js
* d491a10 test: disable test/test-os-fork-execv
* 48a6547 vm: remove globals which don't really work (yet)
* ea574f4 core: refactor mechanism to bundle JS files
* f274c5d ci: update CI environments
* 4e763d6 test: fix test-os-stat
* eeee6d6 vm: use fread arguments consistently across the code
* cbff9ed os: add os.fstat
* ed32691 io: add io.readFile
* 9e00638 modules: remove unneeded code
* 7e271f5 core: bundle all native modules
* 03cad95 core: bundle all JavaScript code in libsjs
* d4d60a1 build: statically link libsjs into the sjs binary
* ab227da build: add shared library target
* 5e331db ci: update apt before installing packages
* 26463e8 core: update version
* 8ace450 cli: remove no longer needed import
* 6b1eb15 doc: updated Design section
* ccf3c5f bootstrap: add missing require
* 2b0a8dc cli: only show detailed build info on Debug builds
* 3bdb4f9 build: speedup build
* acd822c build: define DEBUG and NDEBUG depending on the build type
* 97219f7 cli: fix compilation warning
* 65acdfe io: fix compilation warning
* 50d4255 core: update duktape
* fe6c132 modules: fix compilation warning
* da3742e io: normalize the path before opening files
* bc35241 duktape: enable Object.prototype.__proto__
* ed42ae3 duktape: update build
* d2271c9 io,os,socket: return a binary buffer when reading data
* 73d7f3c test: port runner to Python 3 and run tests with a timeout
* 8196989 ci: install Python 3 in macOS
* ad3d4b7 doc: update documentation