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  • glib >= 2.14
  • libcurl (devel and binary)
  • cmake (required)
  • SQLite (required, may be optional later)
  • git (optional)

For running `glyrc` you only need libcurl and glib in binary form,
not the developement packages!


If you have git installed:

  • git clone

else download a tarball:

  • wget --no-check-certificate -O glyr.tar
  • tar xfv glyr.tar

after downloading:

  • cd glyr
  • cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr .
  • make && sudo make install

Mac OS X

The instructions for Linux are almost the same, but a few more steps may be needed:

  • libintl is needed, install it from here
  • You may need to link sqlite3.pc to /usr/local/pkgconfig/ with $ brew link --force sqlite
  • Details:


For Windows you gonna need the MinGW compiler with the libcurl packages installed.

Detailed instructions missing, although libglyr has been built succesfully on libglyr there is no guide on it yet.
Please contact avuton if you are interested in writing one/provide packages as he managed to compile it:

CMake Variables

There are some vars you can adjust by setting on the commandline like this -DVarname=value:

  • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX => a path, by default “/usr/local”, you might want to change it to “/usr”
  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE => “debug” or “release”
  • -DTEST=“[true|false]” => Enables or disables tests.
  • LIB_SUFFIX => Some distris install libraries to lib64, you can use this to overwrite this.
  • INSTALL_BIN_DIR => Install binaries to , relative to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
  • INSTALL_LIB_DIR => Install libraries to , relative to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
  • INSTALL_INC_DIR => Install headers to , relative to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX

Compiling applications

Once installed you can compile applications that use libglyr like this:
gcc source.c -o binary -lglyr
But you rather should use this form using pkg-config:
gcc source.c -o binary $(pkg-config --libs --cflags libglyr)


Archlinux: There is a package in the AUR.