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Ten Hands

One place to run your command-line tasks

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What is this?

Do you keep opening terminals to run your scripts/commands/tasks etc,. If you have to do that everyday for same project (Example running scripts from package.json for multiple projects), Ten Hands makes it easier to organize all your tasks in one place. You can organize tasks into projects and run them whenever you want with a click of a button.


Please visit website to see intro video.

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Downloads are available in releases section if you just want to download and run.

If you want to get latest updates, you can click on "Azure Pipelines" badge above to download latest builds from CI. These may have small bugs. But, please create an issue if you find any.

Installing browser version

This project can be run in browser instead of desktop version. Before installing browser version, check what additional features the desktop version has currently.

  1. Drag & Drop package.json to add project.
  2. Link to open project directory in file explorer.

To run in browser.

  1. Install ten-hands-cli tool from npm.
  npm install --global ten-hands-cli


  yarn global add ten-hands-cli
  1. Start app
  ten-hands start
  1. Your teminal will show you the localhost address with port where Ten Hands is running. Copy and open it in browser.


A config.json is supported which is placed at ~/.ten-hands/ path.

Check Configration at Wiki for configuration options.

You have to restart the app when you change configuration.


FAQ section has been moved to Wiki at FAQ.


Check CONTRIBUTING for project setup and folder structure details. Please use issue tracker for any kind of bugs/suggestions/discussions.

Thank you

Thank you Sentry for supporting this Open Source project with their Sentry for Open Source initiative.