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  1. go-rison go-rison Public

    Go port of Rison, a data serialization format optimized for compactness in URIs.

    Go 28

  2. nvme-pcie-to-fabrics-proxy nvme-pcie-to-fabrics-proxy Public

    (under construction) Experimental circuit design for FPGA based PCIe accelerator board providing emulated NVMe/PCIe device that its read/write commands are relayed into specific NVMe/TCP target

    C 16 2

  3. sipf-std-client_nrf9160 sipf-std-client_nrf9160 Public

    Sakura Internet's Standard SIPF client Firmware for nRF9160

    C 6 4

  4. fiware-ngsi fiware-ngsi Public

    Python 1

  5. cloud-manual cloud-manual Public



  6. sipf-lib_nrfconnect sipf-lib_nrfconnect Public

    SIPF Library for nRF Connect (Zephyr)

    C 1


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