A Chrome extension that adds useful features and functionality to Discogs.com
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Discogs Enhancer

Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store License GPL 3.0

Project Overview

100% vanilla JS Chrome extension for Discogs.com.


Chrome Webstore Link


A Web Extension for Chrome

Discogs Enhancer adds extra features to both Discogs.com and Chrome. You can block sellers, use a dark theme, see price comparisons, get feedback notifications, convert foreign currencies, search Discogs and other online record shops with any highlighted text, improve tracklist readability, customize lots of Marketplace aspects, and more! Every feature is optional so you can choose the features you want to use.


  • Block Sellers
  • Favorite Sellers
  • Compare Suggested Prices
  • Contextual Menu Searching
  • Quick Currency Converter
  • Dark Theme
  • Everlasting Collection
  • Everlasting Marketplace
  • Feedback Notifications
  • Large BAOI Fields
  • Tag Sellers Based on Reputation
  • Filter Marketplace Items By Media Condition
  • Filter Marketplace Items by Country
  • Hide Min, Median, Max Columns
  • Marketplace Highlights
  • Marketplace Release Ratings
  • Notes Counter
  • Random Item From Collection
  • Remove From Wantlist Shortcuts
  • See Release Durations
  • Sort Dialogs and Filters Alphabetically
  • Text Formatting Shortcuts
  • Improve Tracklist Readability


Discogs Enhancer flow overview


  • git clone https://github.com/salcido/discogs-enhancer.git (this repository)
  • change into the new directory
  • npm install

Running / Development

  • Watch for changes:
    • npm run watch


  • Export the extension to dist directory:
    • npm run build
    • Go to chrome://extensions in a new Chrome tab
    • Click "Developer Mode" in the upper-right corner
    • Click "Load Unpacked" and choose the exported dist folder and you're done!



This project is licensed under the GPL License - see the LICENSE file for details