A Chrome extension that adds useful features and functionality to Discogs.com
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Discogs Enhancer

Project Overview


Chrome Webstore Link



  • git clone https://github.com/salcido/Discogs-Enhancer.git (this repository)
  • change into the new directory
  • npm install

Running / Development

  • Watch for changes:
    • npm run watch


  • Export the extension to dist directory:
    • npm run build
    • Load exported dist folder into Chrome and you're done!


Discogs Enhancer flow overview

A Web Extension for Chrome

Discogs Enhancer adds extra features to both Discogs.com and Chrome. You can block sellers, use a dark theme, see price comparisons, get feedback notifications, convert foreign currencies, search Discogs and other online record shops with any highlighted text, improve tracklist readability, customize lots of Marketplace aspects, and more! Every feature is optional so you can choose the features you want to use.

Block Sellers

Tag or hide any seller in the Marketplace.

Compare Suggested Prices

Compare the prices that Discogs suggests to the seller's listed price.

Contextual Menu Searching

Search Discogs and other online shops instantly with any highlighted text! Current selection includes: All Day Records, Bandcamp, Boomkat, Clone, Decks.de, DeeJay, Gramaphone, Halcyon, Hardwax, InSound, Juno, Oye, Pacific Beach Vinyl, Phonica, Sounds of The Universe and YouTube.

Quick Currency Converter

Convert between all the currencies Discogs supports — and Rubles (₽) too!

Dark Theme

Give discogs.com a dark look. Completely re-themed from top to bottom. Great for late night digging.

Everlasting Marketplace

The Everlasting Marketplace lets you scroll forever through the Marketplace listings. Never click "prev" or "next" again! More results are automatically loaded once you reach the bottom of the page.

Feedback Notifications

Get notified when new buyer or seller feedback is left on your profile. The Feedback Notifier monitors your feedback stats for changes and alerts you when a new one shows up.

Large BAOI Fields

Makes the Barcodes and Other Identifier fields larger when you are editing a release. Helpful if you're working with longer texts on a release.

Tag Sellers Based on Reputation

Tag any Seller in the Marketplace who's reputation is below a percentage specified by you.

Filter Marketplace Items By Condition

Automatically filter out any listing that's below your specified condition!

Filter Marketplace Items by Country

Only show items from a specific country when filtering in your currency.

Hide Min, Median, Max Columns

Show/hide the Min, Median, and Max columns in the Collections page.

Marketplace Highlights

Easily see at a glance what condition items are in.

Marketplace Release Ratings

This will allow you to see the release's rating along with the number of votes received within the Marketplace results.

Notes Counter

This will count the characters for any "notes" field in your Collection or Wantlist so you will know when you are getting close to the maximum character limit (255).

See Release Durations

See total play times for any release that has track time information.

Sort Dialongs and Filters Alphabetically

Sort things like Genre, Style, Format, Country, Currency, Decade and Media Condition in alphabetical and reverse-alphabetical order.

Text Formatting Shortcuts

Format text in reviews, comments and forum posts with the press of a button. Easily link to releases, posts, users, guidelines, and websites. Emphasize your text with bold, italic, strikethrough and underline effects!

Improve Tracklist Readability

You can insert visual dividers between each side, disc, and/or format of a release to make it easier to read. It's completely customizable too!