Wordpress Plugin with contact form for creating leads, orders in SalesKing
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SalesKing WP Inquiry Plugin

What is possible

This plugin renders a form which allows a website visitor to create his own inquiry / invoice / order pdf file. To create the pdf and to save all the entered data, the plugins connects your Wordpress site to the fabulous SalesKing.eu service, which is an online invoicing and CRM solution.

What happens

The user enters his contact details and selects the products he's interested in. When hitting the submit button, the plugin transfers all the entered data to SalesKing, creates a new contact and a document which is then emailed to the visitor of your site.

Additional features:

  • select document type
  • define texts that are displayed before and after the products
  • captcha support
  • tagging of contacts and documents

How to use

  1. Get a SalesKing account: salesking.eu
  2. Install the plugin
  3. Configure the plugin in the settings area: Settings > SkInquiry
  4. Embed the plugin in your content by using this snippet: [skinquiry]
  5. Have fun!

System requirements

Wordpress 3.5.x PHP 5.3.x+ PHP cURL extension jQuery 1.8+