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A simple Laravel 5 MQTT Library to connect/publish
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Laravel MQTT Package

A simple Laravel 5 Library to connect/publish to MQTT broker

Based on bluerhinos/phpMQTT


composer require salmanzafar/laravel-mqtt


  • Name and Password Authentication
  • Certificate Protection for end to end encryption
  • Enable Debug mode to make it easier for debugging

Enable the package (Optional)

This package implements Laravel auto-discovery feature. After you install it the package provider and facade are added automatically for laravel >= 5.5.

This step is only required if you are using laravel version <5.5

To declare the provider and/or alias explicitly, then add the service provider to your config/app.php:

'providers' => [


And then add the alias to your config/app.php:

'aliases' => [

       'Mqtt' => \Salman\Mqtt\Facades\Mqtt::class,


Publish the configuration file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Salman\Mqtt\MqttServiceProvider"


    'host'     => env('mqtt_host',''),
    'password' => env('mqtt_password',''),
    'username' => env('mqtt_username',''),
    'certfile' => env('mqtt_cert_file',''),
    'port'     => env('mqtt_port','1883'),
    'debug'    => env('mqtt_debug',false) //Optional Parameter to enable debugging set it to True

Publishing topic

use Salman\Mqtt\MqttClass\Mqtt;

public function SendMsgViaMqtt($topic, $message)
        $mqtt = new Mqtt();
        $output = $mqtt->ConnectAndPublish($topic, $message);

        if ($output === true)
            return true;

        return false;

Publishing topic using Facade

use Mqtt;

public function SendMsgViaMqtt($topic, $message)
        $output = Mqtt::ConnectAndPublish($topic, $message);

        if ($output === true)
            return true;

        return false;

Tested on php 7.3 and laravel 5.7 and also laravel 5.8

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