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PHP Image upload, watermark, shrink, crop with optimal security
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A one file/class to upload/crop/resize/watermark images in PHP securely!!.

enable the php_exif extension in your php.ini before using this class.


    "require": {
        "bullet-proof/image-uploader": ">=1.0.0"


// just require the class and create the object
require_once  "src\bulletproof.php";
$image = new ImageUploader\BulletProof;

1 - upload with default settings

The below code will:

  • Only upload images with (jpg, gif, png, jpeg) extension,
  • Only sizes ranging from 0.1kb to 30kb max
  • Creates [if it doesn't exist] "uploads/" folder for storing the image
    $result = $image->upload($_FILES['picture']);

Also, the variable $result will contain the upload directory/image name. Which can be useful, for storage in database or render the uploaded image using <img src=' <?= $result ?> '/>

2 - customized size, dimension and location.

$image->fileTypes(["png", "jpeg"])  //only accept png/jpeg image types
    ->uploadDir("pics")  //create folder 'pics' if it does not exist.
    ->limitSize(["min"=>1000, "max"=>55000])  //limit image size (in bytes)
    ->limitDimension(["height"=>100, "width"=>120]);  //limit image dimensions
    ->upload($_FILES['picture']);  // upload to folder 'pics'

3 - shrink and upload

shrink() method shrinks/resizes the image according to the given dimensions (in pixels)

$image->fileTypes(["jpg", "gif", "png", "jpeg"])
    ->shrink(["height"=>100, "width"=>200]) // shrink to 100*200 pixels
    ->upload($_FILES["pictures"]); // upload to small_pics folder

4 - watermark and upload.

watermark() create a watermark at the top of the main image, accepts 2 args: 1# - The image to use as watermark. (best to use a PNG). 2# - The Location where to put the watermark on the image. Location can be a string 'center', 'bottom-right', 'bottom-left', 'top-left'...

    ->watermark('me.png', 'bottom-right')) // put 'me.png' on center 

5 - crop and upload.

crop() method simply crops the images, by the given cordination

    ->crop(array("height"=>40, "width"=>50)) // crop/trim to 40*50 pixels

Please check the examples/ folder for list of boilerplate codes

Renaming images

upload() accepts 2 arguments; image path & image name [optional] If you want to set a costume name, then pass a second argument, otherwise it will have auto-generated name.

// Image will be renamed 'cheeez' plus the extension 
->upload($_FILES['fileName'], 'cheeez');

// Image will be given random name like: 1531e4b0e3bc82_QPIJLMPKQNJGF plus ext. 

Manipulating uploaded images:

The change() method is different from upload() and should not be mixed. as the first will simply allow you to change images in your server, that do no need uploading.

// The change method is like accessing any file physically and making change to it. 
$change = $image
    ->crop(array("height"=>10, "width"=>10))
    ->change("crop", "my_pictures/awesome.gif");

$change = $image
    ->watermark("logo.png", "center")
    ->change("watermark", "my_pictures/passport.gif");

$change = $image
    ->shrink(array("height"=>30, "width"=>50))
    ->change("shrink", "my_pictures/paris.jpg");

What makes this secure ?

  • It checks any errors thrown from the $_FILES[]['error'] array.
  • Uses exif_imagetype() method to get the real mime/image type,
  • Checks if image type exists in the expected types ie. array('jpg', 'png', 'gif', 'jpeg')
  • Checks getimagesize(); to see if the image has a valid width/height measurable in pixels.


  • Allow Image Resizing Done.
  • Allow Image Watermarking Done.
  • Allow Image Cropping Done.
  • Handle Errors with Exceptions Done.
  • Backward compatability for PHP 5.3 Done.
  • Single Responsibility Principle don't count on it yet.


Luke 3:11 ( Free; No license! )

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