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WOFF conversion reference code
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WOFF is a compressed format for putting fonts on web pages. While browsers can support True Type font files (.ttf suffix), WOFF files are smaller and are compatible with all modern browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer has had WOFF support since IE9 from 2011, Firefox has supported WOFF files since 2009, etc.).

This repo

This is a mirror of (which has since fallen off of the Internet) so that the open-source reference code remains available and is not put behind a paywall.

To compile and install, make sure you have the zlib development libraries installed (e.g. in CentOS6 yum -y install zlib-devel as root), then

git clone

Then, as root:

cp sfnt2woff /usr/local/bin

Once this is done, to make a webfont, enter the directory with the .ttf file, then run sfnt2woff

sfnt2woff Chortle2014f.ttf

This creates a Chortle2014f.woff webfont file. Replace “Chortle2014f.ttf” with the name of the actual webfont to convert. (site down; archive link) has Windows and MacOS binaries for people who do not wish to install a compiler.

Zopfli compression

Zopfli compression can make WOFF files with a better compression ratio:


Here is the reference code for making WOFF2 files:

Note that this code will not install in CentOS6, but compiles and installs just fine in CentOS7:

git clone --recursive
cd woff2
make clean all

woff2 font generation is similar:

woff2_compress Chortle2014f.ttf


Keep in mind that EOT is an obsolete format; any browser which supports EOT but does not support WOFF (Read: Internet Explorer 6-8) is a browser which is unsupported.

That in mind, the best EOT converter for Windows can be downloaded at (site down; archive link has files) ; there are a couple of cross platform EOT converters including the one at

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